Sunday, 26 June 2011

InfoPath 2010 keyboard shortcut shortcomings

infopathWe've helped many of our customers replace cumbersome paper-driven forms with smart browser-based forms using Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint.  Don’t us wrong, we love the ability to rapidly create codeless forms that work well on any platform (they look especially sexy on an IPad), but we hate wasting time and developing RSI due to the painstaking way we have to create and manage fields and groups within the UI.
Microsoft have gone to great lengths to publish InfoPath keyboard shortcuts at but there are seemingly none that related to field management. 

Below we’ve issued a desperate plea to the InfoPath product development team to include these features into InfoPath:
  • Keyboard shortcut to Add Field - The ability to add a new field via keyboard shortcut
  • Keyboard short to access the InfoPath field context menu - The ability to add fields, move fields and access field properties via keyboard shortcut
  • Ability to drag and drop fields and groups - We are aware that modifying the XML structure has implications for any completed forms, but let’s face it, the field structure of forms gets changed many times before final publishing and it’s ever so tedious moving the fields up and down one movement at a time.
  • Ability to sort fields by numbering (eg: similar to a SharePoint list view but dynamic so that if I change sort order of field 52 to 1, it instantly moves to the top of the list/group)
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